Preabeach Experience respects and preserves its environment

Our commitment to the local community

Since its creation, Preabeach Experience has always given unwavering support to local communities to chose  ils  employees and partners.

We wish to participate in the sustainability of the local culture and actively support local artisans. We are promoting the local workforce and investing in the training and development of the people of Prea.

Our environmental commitment

Preabeach Experience is willing to preserve the beauty of this exceptional site,  the Beach of Prea, with a promise made to Nature to apply the best sustainable development practices in order to reduce its environmental impact. For this, the Preabeach Experience teams have taken a series of initiatives to both reduce waste (zero single use plastic commitment for example) but also, to be actively involved in recycling waste, reducing our energy consumption and water consumption , focusing on purchasing organic or recyclable products.

PreabeachExperience is actively involved, within he local Preabeach preservation association, in the development of a local recycling plant.

Our commitment to local heritage

All Preabeach Experience establishments have been thought and designed with local artisans, favoring the use of local materials, for the preservation of the cultural heritage of our region. Our team of artisans uses its know-how on a daily basis to produce the best and most respectful for nature.

Preabeach Experience has developed its own organic vegetable garden and cultivates part of the products used in the restaurant of Preabeach Experience, in which the chef prepares all his dishes with fresh local products.