COVID-19 – National lockdown in Brasil

The magnitude of the COVID-19 outbreak has reached a staggering and unbelievable point those last weeks and even more those last days, hitting all five continents and many other countries. The Brasilian government and especially the Ceara Governement has imposed a national lockdown til Monday , the 14th of june 2020. Only key services are operating during this period.

Borders are now shut

brasilhas shut its borders until further notice. All international commercial flights have been suspended in Fortaleza Airport as a response to the COVID-19 spread.

Situation in PreabeachExperience hotels & villas

In this context of global health crisis, ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients and our employees is the priority of Preabeach Experience We always remain committed to ensuring a safe and sound environment for our teams, our clients and our partners. We have pledged to enforce the following principle: prioritize safety and health in every aspect of our operations.


For these reasons and in a proactive way, we’ve decided to close our establisments on the 16th of march, and have been close since this date.

Over and above all such measures, we are collaborating fully with the Brasilian authorities. All the recommendations are fully and strictly implemented. Public health& sanitary professionals are granted full access to our hotels for a follow-up with our clients whenever necessary. The preventive measures implemented by the Brasilian government are certainly comforting for all travellers. All the recommendations of the World Health Organisation are also strictly observed.

We are actively working on a « Re-opening Plan » dedicating our best capabilities to manage the implement of the best sanitary & safe conditions for our clients and team, to wellcome our guests when it will be possible.

For our clients who have already booked their stay

We kindly ask our clients who have made bookings with one of our partners (e.g.: travel agency, tour operator or Online Travel Agency) to contact their respective sales point to be informed of the exact cancellation conditions.

We also kindly request our clients who have made direct bookings online with PreabeachExperience( to contact our special team at the following email .Our team members will attend to their queries.



Reopening of PreabeachExperience resorts

We are closely following government instructions regarding borders reopening and resumption of flights. The reopening plan of our hotels will be implemented accordingly.


10th of April 2020